20 project management tips for libraries

meetingGet your library project on track with 20 tips from Proud2know. From the lessons she learned in her 20 years of managing international and national digital projects, Vanessa Proudman shares some quick tips to get you started.

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  1. First develop your business case
  2. Specify how your project involvement helps achieve internal library (strategic and financial) business goals from the start
  3. Know the stakeholders who will help make this project fly or crash
  4. Help ensure the project hits the right notes with your users
  5. Set the scene for the success ahead
  6. Use metaphors for one project voice
  7. Make your project objectives SMART transparent
  8. Define your user requirements and technical specifications
  9. Ensure that staff are up-skilled in a project management method.
  10. Consider how to do more with less resources this time around
  11. Bring in new skills and excellence into your institution
  12. Involve and build leaders and great communicators
  13. Support secure online remote project work
  14. Specify the exploitation of results from the beginning
  15. Manage your risks
  16. Keep an issue log and manage change consistently
  17. Monitor and evaluate throughout the life of your project
  18. Open Access, open data and disseminating project results
  19. Consider a sustainability plan
  20. Look back to look forward