Scavenger hunt to promote browsing

Robin at HeliganIn the old days, when digging through paper card catalogs was a big pain, lots of people browsed the shelves in libraries. Today, online catalogs add expected precision in finding the precise item and its location, but what if you want to get back to your browsing days? Some libraries have adopted discovery layer products and bookstore model displays, and users leaf through what is all there, a great attempt at “old school” browsing. But, what about all of the other perfectly good book treasures buried in the stacks?

I recently saw a blog post that was written for the professional to explore their library by browsing, but it could be adapted for your library users too. Bring back browsing is what I say…some of the best books I have read have been as a result of going into the stacks, closing my eyes, turning around three times, and pointing at a random book for my next read. Serendipity is sweet sometimes! Get all of the details for doing a library scavenger hunt to explore the stacks here.

Image credit:, licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0