Kids who are under-connected to the Internet

bustle...“What’s it really like to do your homework on a smartphone you’re having to borrow from your mom, but she needs it for something else? Are you really able to do your research paper?” – Victoria Rideout

Many U.S. schools have improved their internet connections, but for many kids, home is still a major hurdle for learning as assignments go online. With so many 1:1 schools, where do these under-connected kids turn to complete their school work? That was one of the questions examined in a report by the Joan Ganz Cooney Center when they surveyed 1,191 parents with children ages 6 to 13, considered lower-income or “low- and moderate-income families.” The results aren’t promising. Most families didn’t have any internet access, and those that did usually only had mobile, and it was slow.

It seems that the digital divide is being addressed in schools but have we only gone part-way?

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Image credit:, licensed under CC BY 2.0