How do YOU save the users time?

IMG90862Have you heard of LibrariesInLife? I am not quite sure what to name it, but OCLC Next recently did a bang up job of proposing a way using Twitter to get conversations going about how you and I save our users time. They write clearly about the convenience imperative…and venture that in today’s fast moving world, that convenience trumps everything else. Today’s dilemma for librarians is about how to “free our users’ time.” They go on to propose that Ranganathan’s Fourth Law of saving the time of the reader, should now be first! Makes sense to me….I witness this all the time when friends or family want to read a book but do not want to wait for it through the public library. With one touch, they simply buy the eBook online and the transaction is over! It is hard to argue with that kind of convenience.

Take five minutes to read the full post to better understand what this conversation is all about.

On Twitter, join in the conversation with hashtags #LibrariesInLife and #OCLCnext. Can’t read one more thing? Listen to  Lynn Silipigni-Connaway in this video as she describes this work.

Image credit:, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0