GRRL has a new catalog

mushroom photoContrary to popular belief, change CAN be a good thing! At the beginning of this month, the Great River Regional Library premiered a new catalog system. This new catalog has a responsive design, meaning it adapts to the format of whatever device you are viewing it on. This makes it mobile friendly!

When searching on the new catalog, you may find that you get more results. These are broken down into different topic areas, and even by format (so you know which are DVDs, eBooks, etc). There is also an autocomplete function that brings up suggestions based on what you are typing, so your search may go even faster.

And not to worry, they are continuing to run the original catalog for a time while people get accustomed to the transition. Have you used the new catalog yet? Be sure you offer helpful feedback to GRRL as you test out this new exciting tool.

 Image credit: (Manuel Barroso Parejo), licensed under CC0 1.0