Follett acquires Baker & Taylor

footer-logoHave you heard the big news? On April 18th, Follett acquired Baker and Taylor!

Follett, based in Westchester, Illinois, is used by many of our schools in providing content and systems to manage school library collections, textbooks, and even devices. The most recognizable product in our region is the Destiny Library Management system. Additional subscriptions like Title Peek are also popular and simply a part of school media center infrastructure. Baker & Taylor, based in Charlotte, North Carolina, is a leading distributor of books, video, and music products to public libraries, and serves as a wholesaler to retailers worldwide too. This acquisition could be a game changer.

Did you know that you can receive reduced pricing on the Destiny Library Management System and additional subscriptions too? Eighteen Central MN school districts have done so already through the MN North Star Library Consortium. Get more information here. This Consortium makes state-of-the art products affordable for even the smallest school districts.

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