Collections, events, and makerspace funding ideas!

Are you looking to update your school library collection? Maybe put on an event that promotes literacy, reading, or authors? Both of these opportunities come from AASL, but happily they do not require a membership. Read on for details and links to apply:

  • Inspire Collection Development Grant
    • This grant is intended to help public middle or high schools “extend, update, and diversify the book, online subscription and/or software collections” in order to increase student learning and achievement
    • Award amount: direct assistance grant capped at $5,000
    • Deadline: May 23, 2016
  • Inspire Special Event Grant
    • The goal of this grant is to assist public middle or high schools “create new or enhance educational activities in order to engage students within the library and to promote books, reading, literacy, and authors.”
    • Award amount: direct assistance grant capped at $2,000
    • Deadline: May 23, 2016

Have a great idea for a makerspace, or even just a classroom project? Check out these sites for grants to help fund your enterprise:

  • MakerSpace Lab Grants Page
    • This page features 16 different makerspace grant opportunities in amounts ranging from $500 – $75,000! They also have some non-monetary grants that award Adobe software and e-subscriptions to news services.
  • e-School News Funding Section
    • Check out this link to 14 different crowdfunding sites specifically geared towards classrooms. They also have some helpful tips before deciding on a site to use, which includes looking at who uses the platform, the pricing structure, and what features are included (in this case, less can be more.) Remember, there’s really no limit to how much you can raise!

Remember that CMLE wants to help fund your projects for your library, school or classroom! Check out our grants page here

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