Books for teen writers and poets

highlighted readingFollowing the month of April, which was National Poetry Month, we are coming up on summer! A time when teens may have more time available to read and write their own content. Looking for a way to encourage a teen writer or poet? Check out this booklist!

They feature several different categories, including one titled “Nonfiction: Writers on Writing” featuring familiar names like Stephan King and Stan Lee. Reading about the obstacles and challenges that faced famous writers may be just the encouragement a young writer needs.

Finally, for anyone struggling to encourage young readers to become interested in poetry, this may be the answer you need. You’ve probably heard of the musical Hamilton by now. The book Hamilton: The Revolution includes a behind-the-scenes look at the hip-hop musical about the life of Alexander Hamilton. The book also includes the hip-hop poetry of rapper and composer Lin-Manuel Miranda. Maybe putting poetry in a different context will make it more accessible and appealing to teens, and maybe even inspire them to write their own?

Happy writing!

Image credit: Quaynor) licensed under CC0 1.0