State Library Updates: 6/28/16

MDELogoTO: Minnesota Libraries
FROM: State Library Services
DATE: June 28, 2016
SUBJECT: Updates from State Library Services

Get Supercharged with Storytime Colleagues Nationwide
OCLC recently announced that the Supercharged Storytimes orientation archive is available for free to all public library staff. Now in addition to connecting with fellow Minnesota storytimers, you can learn from and share with storytime presenters across the country.

Public library staff are invited to create a free account and enroll to:
• Learn how to incorporate research-based early literacy concepts into storytimes;
• Recognize the role early literacy plays in early childhood development;
• Gain insight for articulating the relevance of storytimes to parents, caregivers, and other library stakeholders;
• Learn more about the Supercharged Storytimes online orientation pilot, originally offered to more than 500 library staff members in six states (including Minnesota) in 2015; and
• Access archived webinars and resources, and share thoughts with other enrollees in discussion forums.

If you’re simply looking for fresh ways to amp up your storytimes, visit the Supercharged Library, a compilation of resources generated by public library storytime providers from around the country. Contact Jackie Blagsvedt (651-582-8805) for more information about Supercharged Storytimes.

Measuring What Matters
We all have an interest in promoting increased awareness of the value of public libraries in the United States. In order to do this, effective data is indispensable. Concerns about the explosion of surveys in recent years have led directors of state library agencies across the country to think more deeply about what data really is essential to collect. Through a proposed cooperative agreement with IMLS, COSLA (Chief Officers of State Library Agencies) has outlined a process for creating a National Public Library Data and Outcomes Action Plan. Measures that Matter seeks to develop a plan that will allow for the timely collection of reliable, comparable and meaningful data on public libraries while reducing the burden of data collection on local libraries. Read more about the project or contact Jen Nelson (651-582-8791) for more information.

Reintroduce Your Library to Your Community
Outside the Lines is a week-long celebration, September 11-17, 2016, that demonstrates the creativity and innovation happening in today’s libraries. Libraries from 41 states participated in 2015. Whether your library is large or small—school, academic, special or public—you can participate in this international celebration by hosting an event that:
• Gets people thinking and talking about libraries in a different way.
• Showcases your library in the community.
• Represents your local community.
• Highlights how your library is relevant to people’s lives.
• Is active and gets people engaged.
• Is fun!

Learn more about Outside the Lines and how to participate through an informational webinar on Thursday, June 30 from11:00 a.m. to noon. No registration is necessary, but virtual space may be limited. Discover more about Outside the Lines and register as a participating location on the campaign’s website.