Introducing October's Monthly Topic: Hiring!

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Learn with CMLE!

At CMLE, we want to provide material for continuing education for our members. We have a variety of strategies for this, including the material we and our Guest Bloggers provide here.

To add to this, we are beginning a Monthly Topic. Each month we will provide a broad topic that will be relevant to our members. Within that topic will be several different topics, and we will provide information in a variety of formats.

This will include monthly training programs offered in a variety of formats to make it accessible for members. Our plans are to offer monthly in-person sessions for members to have a chance to get together and talk about the topic, and the issues it raises in their libraries. We also plan to have this session (or a similar one) offered as a live webinar for members who want to attend but cannot leave their libraries, and to record that session so members can watch it later on their own schedules.

Our first Monthly Topic will begin in October, and will look at the broad topic of Hiring. While many of our individual member library staff are not directly involved in hiring new people, the broad topic still affects us all. So we will be talking about how to position yourself to be hired when a great opportunity arises, how to both interview people and to be interviewed, how to work on a succession plan to ensure the work you have done survives your retirement or departure, creating a recruiting plan to work out strategies for attracting the best people to your library, and other topics that may help members in this area.

We are offering an in-person training program at CMLE Headquarters, on Thursday, October 20th. We will have two session times available that day, in order to make it more accessible to more people! The first session goes from noon – 1:30 and the second from 4:30 – 6pm.  You can sign up to attend either session or the live webinar (Angie will email you the link) on our Eventbrite site. If you have questions, please email or call Angie at 320-257-1933. There will be time available in these sessions for members to discuss ideas in their own libraries, and to share strategies. We will be providing a recording of the webinar after it is finished, for people to either review or watch if you were not able to attend. Some things covered here will be duplicated in our blog entries, but there will be new content available only in the training session.

For our upcoming Monthly Topics, we welcome attendance at our in-person or online sessions. The number of in-person spots is limited; but we can accommodate an overflow with the online session and the recording provided later.  We will be creating an Eventbrite for each month’s event and will share the link on our blog and the Weekly Review. 

  • November: Advocacy
    • In-person session on Tuesday, November 15th. Offered at CMLE Headquarters. Session 1: Noon – 1:30pm, Session 2: 4:30 – 6pm
    • Topics covered will include personal, organizational, and professional advocacy
  • December: Stress Management
    • In-person session on Tuesday, December 6th. Offered at CMLE Headquarters. Session 1: Noon – 1:30pm, Session 2: 4:30 – 6pm
    • Topics covered will include managing workplace stress, strategies for reducing stress
  • January: Grant Writing
    • In-person session – date, time, and location TBD
    • Topics covered will include searching for grants, writing persuasive applications, following up with required paperwork

We are looking forward to seeing you at training, and to working with you to support your needs in your library work!