Notable Date to celebrate: October 25th is World Pasta Day!

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Cats enjoy pasta too


October 25th is World Pasta Day. Spoiler alert: this post may cause cravings and/or hunger.

The obvious way to celebrate World Pasta Day is with recipes. At your library, you could display some pasta cookbooks, or even just books or materials that feature Italy.

Need some pasta recipes to share? This delicious-sounding chicken parmesan pasta skillet only needs 6 ingredients. If you are gluten-free, give this recipe to make your own pasta a try.  Pasta can be vegan-friendly too, with this recipe for vegan chipotle pasta.

If you really want to get serious, there is even a National Pasta Association!

Otherwise, get into the spirit of World Pasta Day through books. And who better to read about pasta with than Strega Nona? The book is read out loud in the video below, or order a copy here.

Share your pasta receipes, or favorite pasta related books with us!


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