Wanna read books with CMLE?

Reading is FUN-damental at CMLE!

Are you reading our October book group selections?

At CMLE Headquarters, we are big fans of books and reading -and as we are in a system filled with library people we know our members likewise are readers! So each month we will read a fiction book with a library theme attached, and a nonfiction book with some applicability to making our work lives better.

What are we reading for November?? That is up to you!

We have a poll up on our Goodreads page for you to select your choice for the next book. The poll will be open through October 26, giving us a couple of weeks to still read our October book and to think about November.

Remember: these are very low-key book groups! We all just want to read books, and have a place to talk about ideas if we feel like sharing. As library people we spend so much time working with books, it can be hard to remember to take time to enjoy them. CMLE is here to help with that!

So read, enjoy, post discussions if you wish – and just have a good time with books!