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To be or not to be (Project 365: 24/365)
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Encouraging young reluctant readers is always a topic for thought and conversation, especially among librarians, or even just among parents that want to foster a love of reading in their children. As a new mom, I definitely fit into the second category! What can we do to help young people that can be hesitant to pickup books?

You can read this article or listen to the conversation from MPR News that tackles this challenge in a fun and informative way. See below for some of the tips included in the article, and keep in mind a common theme is persistence!

  • Show your kids you love reading, too!
    – Read in front of your kids, for your own enjoyment, and they will eventually take notice
  • Make sure books are always available
    – Books should always be visible and accessible, whether around the house or at frequent visits to the library or bookstore
  • Give audio books a try
    – They are great options for kids that have trouble concentrating or sitting in one place. They are also great additions to car rides and road trips!
  • Keep your judgement and expectations in check
    – Try to refrain from pushing books that may be too challenging, or critiquing a book choice that you may view as too easy. Allow kids to gain enjoyment from books, at their own pace.
  • And finally, my personal favorite, when in doubt, get out the Harry Potter!
    – Described as “a gateway drug,” in the article, the series “really allowed kids to fall into a world that was so cool. When you give it to a kid at the right time, it unlocks something for them.”