Strategies to Simplify: Tip 7: Your space matters

“Work simply. Live fully.”  This week CMLE focuses on the following work productivity tip from Work Simply, Carson Tate’s popular book.  At CMLE, we’ve boiled down Tate’s wealth of knowledge from Work Simply to a few key points; please see the book for more detail and resources. At the bottom, see links to earlier tips in the series! Let’s all be our best selves….

This week’s activity: Take ownership of your work space.

In her book Work Simply, Carson Tate makes the case that “An investment in rethinking and reshaping your work environment can pay huge dividends in increased productivity and happiness.” Ultimately, your work space should reflect who you are, the type of work that you do, and help you achieve your highest level of efficiency.

Recently, you discovered your Productivity Style with a simple assessment.

Work Simply

Find your Productivity Style for some personalized strategies on making the most of your workspace:

Prioritizer: Try to avoid distractions by using the same color pens, folders, and sticky notes. Minimize clutter in your space by using filing cabinets and shelves.

Planner: Give a label maker a try – use it on file folders, containers, and shelves. Be willing to invest in the exact type of organizational supplies you need, like a specially sized folder for receipts or a certain kind of drawer divider.

Arranger: Use office tools that are visually and physically appealing – you may be energized by using a color scheme. Since you thrive on collaboration, try tools like Skype and GoToMeeting.

Visualizer: Try using unlined paper, notebooks, and large whiteboards with lots of colorful markers and pens. The phrase “out of sight, out of mind” rings true for you, so keep supplies handy in clear containers.

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