Library Vending machines

More access to library materials!

Libraries are places of information and technology, so it makes sense to use technology to connect patrons with information! That’s exactly what library vending machines aim to do. The idea may sound a little silly, but the machines may be an answer to some libraries that lack the necessary staff numbers to distribute books and laptops.

Across the country, communities are giving this a try! Read about how Ohio’s Worthington Community Center has a vending machine where library patrons can check out books, music, and movies. The library wanted to be able to bring their materials out into the community to better serve patrons.

Closer to home, we have a few locations that feature library vending! Check out these lockers at the Hugo Library Express. And the Anoka County Library on the Go has a vending machine! Watch their video below:

For more information, you can visit this site about laptop vending, or this one about book vending. And this site gets more in-depth about the value of library material lockers!

Do any of our CMLE member libraries have machines similar to these? Send us a picture, we would love to see them!