AASL Recommended App: Content Creation: Office Sway

office_swayIn June 2016, the American Association of School Librarians (AASL) announced their 25 Best Apps for Teaching and Learning. The apps encourage qualities such as innovation and active participation, and are user-friendly.

Sway is an easy-to-use tool that creates interactive reports, presentations, newsletters, and more. Sway is able to suggest searches to easily find relevant images, videos, and other content that the user can then simply drag into their project. The app even features a design engine that formats the layout for you (with the possibility to customize, of course). The finished project is able to be shared through a URL that doesn’t require a login, and there are privacy controls available. Sway is a good tool for educators to use to create interactive newsletters to share with parents.

This article from Teacher’s Tuts.com explains how the app can be used, and includes videos and tutorials. You can also check out this article that gives great examples of projects that can be created using Sway.

Cost: Free!
Level: Middle and High School
Platforms: iOS