Strategies to Simplify: Tip 10: Tackle teamwork

“Work simply. Live fully.”  This week CMLE focuses on the following work productivity tip from Work Simply, Carson Tate’s popular book.  At CMLE, we’ve boiled down Tate’s wealth of knowledge from Work Simply to a few key points; please see the book for more detail and resources. At the bottom, see links to earlier tips in the series! Let’s all be our best selves….

This week’s activity: Learn effective ways to work together

Working as part of a team can be both rewarding and at times, frustrating. According to Carson Tate’s book Work Simply, this frustration is often the result of conflicting Productivity Styles. In order to overcome these conflicts and the resulting misunderstandings, it is necessary to take into account the different strengths and blind spots of each Productivity Style.

Recently, you discovered your Productivity Style with a simple assessment. Encourage your co-workers to take the assessment to determine their Productivity Style.

Work Simply

Find your team members’ Productivity Style(s) to gain further awareness about their strengths and potential blind spots: 

Prioritizer: Strengths include having a clear purpose, understanding budgets, maintaining focus, and meeting deadlines. Blind spots: Tendency to be controlling, too much competitiveness, and valuing speed over excellence.

Planner: Strengths include strong organization, finishing work ahead of schedule, staying focused, and locating necessary resources. Blind spots: May be inflexible, lacks spur-of-the-moment thinking, may lose opportunities from being unwilling to change procedures.

Arranger: Strengths include following a daily plan of tasks, inclusive and interpersonal working style, and experienced at delegating. Blind spots: Takes on the problems and concerns of others, misses details, and can get distracted from the end goal.

Visualizer: Strengths include being able to complete large amounts of work quickly, thrives under pressure and deadlines, experienced multitasker, and open to taking risks. Blind spots: May miss details, be reckless, and may miss deadlines due to lack of planning.

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