Stress management through meditation

take a moment to notice your breathing…

You may have seen the news stories about the value of meditation, and in this month of looking at Stress Management at CMLE we want to share more of that information with you.

Most studies are being done to show the value of meditation in reducing stress levels, reducing anxiety levels, reducing your sensation of pain, and actually changing the physical structure of your brain.

All these great things, and it only takes a few minutes a day. If you have not already incorporated this into your daily routine, looking at the science behind the benefits of meditation may encourage you!

Is there a way you could incorporate meditation into your work day? Maybe taking a few minutes in the back room to breathe. Maybe doing some mindful meditation as you handle repetitive tasks (shelving, repairing, sorting). Maybe encouraging others in your library to also take a moment to just breath would be good to help everyone!

We have shared this video from the Mayo Clinic before, but if you have not already seen it, or want to try out meditation now, check it out! The seven minutes you spend here right now might make the rest of your day, and your week, better!

And if you want some guidance in your meditation, there are many apps out there to help! gathered a list of their best apps for 2016. Download a couple of them, and see how it works for you. Do others in your library use a mediation app? It could be a group activity, with peer pressure working to help everyone in a positive direction!

Do you have a Virtual Reality (VR) device? If so, here is a list of VR apps you might try!! This might take your meditation to a new level, with all kinds of relaxing options.

Do you have other suggestions for meditation? Does your library sponsor any meditation programs? It could be something valuable for your patrons, and for your staff! Give it a try, and tell us how it goes!