Minecraft Competition? Let’s do it!!

Do you have patrons who like to play Minecraft? Let them know about a competition they might enjoy!

Welcome to the 2016 Learning Zone Minecraft Oceans Competition!

The goal is to build the best model of the Sentinel-3 or Jason-3 ocean-monitoring satellites, or get creative and design your own satellite and/or ocean monitoring system with buoys, automatic robots etc.

For the first category, we will provide you with 3D views of the Sentinel-3 and Jason-3 satellites, for you to recreate in Minecraft. Build one, two or both, the choice is yours!

For the second category, the sky is literally the limit! Go crazy thinking up an interesting design for your ocean monitoring satellite.

Show us what it can do and why and you can even design your own ocean monitoring system using the image of the Global Ocean Observing System as your inspiration.

Who can enter?

The competition is open to entrants aged between 6-16 years in three age categories (6-8, 9-11, and 12-16).

How will submissions be judged?

In all categories, submissions will be judged on the following criteria:

Concept & Originality
How well you have interpreted our satellite’s design or how original your own design is

Technique & Execution
From your attention to detail to the overall impact of your creation on the judges

Time spent presenting your submission, how good your screen shots and description are.

General Rules

The following general terms and conditions apply to all submissions:

  • One entry only – each user will only be permitted to submit one project for this contest
  • Age range – the competition is open to entrants between 6-16 years of age (eligibility of prize winners will be confirmed before prizes are awarded)
  • Permission – entrants must get permission from a parent or guardian before submitting an entry for the competition
  • Entry period – 12:00 PM (CET) on 1 November 2016 to 12:00 PM (CET) on 28 February 2017. Entries submitted after this date will not be accepted
  • The judges’ decision is final! – there will be no arguing with the judges’ decision. It is final


Have fun!

Above all else, the competition is an opportunity to have fun interpreting a common theme for the benefit of everyone who visits the Learning Zone. Take the contest theme and run with it, maybe even come up with a story or a YouTube video to enhance your entry (links can be submitted in the picture caption, when you upload it).