Libraries improving Wikipedia: Are you in??

information is cool – and better when it’s accurate!

Library people: We all know our patrons use Wikipedia. We use Wikipedia. It’s a pretty awesome tool! But it can be better!! We are passing on some information about strategies you can use to help Wikipedia to be better and more accurate.

Try it for yourself! Set up a Wikipedia event in your library! Use this as a starting point to make our of our frequently-used resources to be stronger!

From the press release:

We are getting ready for Wikipedia’s #1lib1ref campaign. Last year we made a big impact with our call to “Imagine a World where Every Librarian Adds One More Reference to Wikipedia.” The 2017 event will be even bigger, from January 15 through February 3. And we want your help!

Wikipedia’s strength is in its references, the source of Wikipedia’s reliability. #1lib1ref is the library community coming together to give us a most precious gift: a citation. We hope the experience of #1lib1ref can provide tools and experience to help librarians critically integrate Wikipedia into the broader research and information literacy landscape.

We are looking for you and your institutions to be bold and:

For information on coordinating activities, please check out the campaign page at or ask questions at

We’re excited for another great year of improving Wikipedia by reaching out to librarians.

– Jake Orlowitz and the Wikipedia Library Team