Language immersion at schools in the CMLE system!

At CMLE, we are always excited when schools in our area get some well-deserved attention!

Check out this article about the language immersion programs taking place at several school locations within the St. Cloud School District!

This spring marks the 10th anniversary of the St. Cloud School District’s Chinese and Spanish immersion programs. The article details a typical day in an immersion classroom, and includes interviews with past students who have grown up to appreciate the advantage that the immersion program has given them. In fact, third – eighth graders that were in the immersion programs performed higher than average in the math and reading MN Comprehensive Assessments.

There are great benefits to participating in language immersion programs. Check out this article from NPR about the potential brain benefits from immersion education. This article from the Atlantic gives a teacher’s perspective – and she is an immersion teacher in Minneapolis!

For more information on the St. Cloud School District’s program, visit their page here, and watch their video: