The Infamous Ratsos: Bikers & Lessons on Kindness

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Have you ever seen a motorcycle group promoting literacy and reading? A group of bikers in Michigan did just that, to promote this book:

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Toughies vs. Softies and Lessons in Kindness

Best Users: Educators, Librarians, Families

Best Audience: Children Grades 01-04


In a early chapter book The Infamous Ratsos, two brothers struggle to be the “toughies” their father wants them to be.  Ralphie and Louie try to be school bullies and neighborhood pranksters, but they keep messing things up giving others the impression that they are good kids (which, secretly, they are.)

Who better to discuss the appearance of being tough vs. the drive to do good than…bikers.  Really?  Yes, bikers are some of the most on-the-ground philanthropic folks in the country.  To prove it, Curious City went to rural Michigan to hold a book club on The Infamous Ratsos, with a group of bikers.  Watch and share the results!



These activities were produced by Candlewick Press and author Kara LaReau!

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