As you know, many library people tend to be book fans. And book fans tend to like book-related accessories.  You can find all kinds of things to go along with the books you love:

All of that is usual, and you have probably seen similar items already.

But, have you seen literary toothpaste??

It was a first for me! I saw this on Twitter, and issued a challenge there: I will buy a tube of either flavor for a CMLE member, and in return you will blog about the experience for us!

Are you a Jane Austen fan? Maybe you want to try the rose flavored version!

“It takes a well-mannered toothpaste to have a graceful and properly comported regime of dental health. If you want to attract a husband with a good yearly income, he’s going to be concerned about the status of your teeth. The tube of this toothpaste is decorated with the image of Jane Austen and flavored like the petals of a rose. Because, in our opinion, nothing captures the romance and incisive social observations of Jane Austen’s novels quite like a rose-flavored toothpaste. While you might think that the UK of the early 1800s is romantic, your own personal Mr. Darcy might prefer a bit more oral hygiene. Each tube contains 2.5 oz. of pleasant paste.”

Maybe you prefer some psychology in your reading – and your toothpaste?

“Sigmund Freud is the father of mental health, why not use him for dental health as well? Sigmund Freud Toothpaste tastes like bananas. We’re not sure why we picked banana flavor, the other choices were daikon, carrots or cucumbers, but you’re welcome to analyze the decision. We do know for sure that it satisfies our oral fixation. Each Freud-decorated tube contains 2.5 oz. of potent paste.”

I’m looking forward to the CMLE Great Toothpaste Adventure!