AASL Recommended Apps: Content Creation: Plotagon

plotagonIn June 2016, the American Association of School Librarians (AASL) announced their 25 Best Apps for Teaching and Learning. The apps encourage qualities such as innovation and active participation, and are user-friendly.

Plotagon is an app that features tons of options for the user to draw on when telling a story. Users can craft their story by using different locations, emotions, postures, sound effects, and music. Dialogue can be created using computer voices or the user can record their own. The characters can be reused, and stories can include multiple scenes. This app could be a good one to use when crafting debates. Plotagon Education gives teachers more control over the accounts and digital space and helps to protect student privacy.

This article from The Learning Counsel includes several examples of teachers that have used Plotagon in their own classrooms. Check out the Plotagon Blog for lots of great suggestions and news.

Cost: Free
Level: Elementary, Middle, and High School
Platforms: iOS

Check out their video: