Contribute to the ACRL Framework Sandbox

If you are in an academic library, or looking at academic information (as many of you are), you may want to be involved in a sandbox project from the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL). You can look through the contributions and information other people are creating, and you are very much encouraged to contribute information yourself! No need to be a member; they want contributions from everyone, so feel free to dive in here and browse around for information that might be relevant to you and your library!

The ACRL Framework Sandbox, launched in early December at, is now inviting contributions.  Searching is freely available to everyone – you don’t need a login to start searching.  And since the content of the Sandbox comes from you, the most important way you can celebrate the launch of the Sandbox is to contribute your Framework-related materials by creating a contributor account.  Jump into the Sandbox to share and learn from others! 

–Framework for Information Literacy Advisory Board
Mark Szarko
Literature, Global Studies and Languages, and Theater Arts Librarian
Interim Liaison for Philosophy
MIT Libraries