Let’s visit libraries together!!


At CMLE Headquarters, we are working to help our members build connections with others! With our regular dinner gatherings underway, we want to implement the next request from members: group visits to libraries across the system!!

From our feedback, it seems like there is a lot of interest in visiting other member’s libraries. (And at HQ we endorse this idea: our member libraries are SO interesting to visit!!)

We want to be sure we schedule visits at days and times that work for you! So fill out the comment form below to send your best day/time to us. Feel free to write more info into the open-ended question, or email us with ideas!

We have some tentative locations scheduled (including the new St John’s library!), and plan to set up visits about every four weeks. We will be visiting all types of libraries, because it’s good to see how different libraries implement ideas and practices. We all have much more in common in our work than the small things that separate types, so let’s share our work!

And if you want to add your library to the list of libraries we visit, please let us know!! (The short answer is: YES! We all want to see your library!!)

I have spent years traveling the country, visiting libraries; and I have literally never been in one – not matter how small, how under-funded, and how far from any kind of “civilization” – that was not fun to visit. And every single library I’ve been to, including all the CMLE libraries I’ve visited, has something that makes your visitors gasp in happy surprise!! It’s hard to remember how great your library is when you see it every day; but having an excited group of library people – all from Team CMLE! – come to see your stuff will remind you how good your library really is!!

Let us know what day/time works for you, and let’s get these visits underway!!