Circulating Unusual Items: A Webinar

CMLE members: some of you already have unusual items you are circulating, and some of you are considering them. Everyone might enjoy this webinar on these items from the Association of Specialized & Cooperative Library Agencies (ASCLA)!

Join in on Tuesday, February 7!

There is a growing trend of adding “unusual items” to libraries’ circulating collections. Circulating cake pans, post- hole diggers, ukuleles, soil testers, bread machines and more is exciting and impactful, but challenging. This talk introduces and contextualizes the trend, discusses best practices, addresses common questions, and suggests a plan for adding unusual items to your own library.

One thing that makes unusual items so appealing is that they are chosen by specific libraries based on the needs and interests of that specific library’s specific community. In the presenter’s library, ukuleles and soil testers do very well, but cake pans do poorly. In city libraries, kitchen equipment does better than at the presenter’s suburban library because his patrons live in houses with more storage space than city patrons with smaller apartments. In a library with a large immigrant population, electronic translators might be successful. In a library with a low income population, WiFi hotspots might be successful.

This webinar is relevant to the membership of ASCLA because they work with specific populations with specific needs. By experiencing this webinar, they will be able to take what they learn and apply it to their populations, allowing them to serve their populations more fully and in new ways.

After participation in this webinar, you will be able to know the history of unusual items in libraries (libraries have circulated unusual items for over 100 years); Understand the acquisition cycle for unusual items (selection, purchase, packaging, circulation); Strategically choose items that will have a low cost and high impact.

Individual registration rates are as follows:
ASCLA members: $40
ALA members: $50
ALA student & retired members: $25
Non-members: $65
Group rate: $99 single login, $38/person multiple logins. (min. 2 people)
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