Reading at parties isn’t rude – it’s expected!

CORI Middle School ReadingWe gather together, sit without speaking to each other, and read the books we brought. Or we meet at a bar, drink a lovely beverage, and read our books. Or we gather in a park (maybe Munsinger Clemens Gardens ??) and quietly read our books?

For how many library people does that sound like a FANTASTIC event??? Lots of us!!

And apparently this is a hot new trend!

From a PLA blog by Gretchen Kaser: “According to a recent Forbes article,[1] my thinking may not be so off-base. Megy Karydes describes Silent Reading Parties, live lit, and library bars as a growing trend of sharing literature with friends without the stress and “homework” of a traditional book club. Silent Reading Parties, coined by Christopher Frizelle in 2010, involve gathering in a bar or other locale to read in companionable silence. There is no assigned reading, and the meetings are open to all. Silent Book Club tracks upcoming parties around the world.”

Is this something you want to try in your library??? Or would you like CMLE to set up a reading party for all of us to attend?? It could be fun!

2 thoughts on “Reading at parties isn’t rude – it’s expected!”

    1. It sounds so fun, doesn’t it?? We are planning out some strategies to make this group happen!

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