Advocate! Send a handwritten note!!

Passing this on from the ALA!

It’s Take Action Tuesday and Week 3 of the Winter 2017 Everyday Advocacy Challenge!

Send a handwritten invitation to a local elected official or staff person.

Our Week Two challenge was to make a phone call or in-person visit to a local official’s office to introduce yourself, including the elevator speech you wrote during Week One.

This week, send a handwritten note to that same local official inviting him/her to visit the library in your community to see the great youth services work happening there.

Why a handwritten note? Given the large amount of phone calls and e-mails your elected officials receive, your personalized invitation on high-quality stationery is sure to stand out.

As part of your invitation, talk up the opportunity your elected official will have to talk with constituents and see firsthand the impact the library is making on kids and families.

Here’s one idea: Suggest a day when an early learning program is happening at the library—and invite your elected official to read a story as part of it!

Next week, you’ll engage with your community by inviting kids and grown-ups to share the reasons why they love your library and make sure that love gets noticed.