Free coloring books for you and your patrons!

Manatee page from coloring book

Free coloring books! What could be more fun??

You already know that many libraries are offering coloring programs, and sales of coloring books are skyrocketing. This can be a great way to relieve stress and to just enjoy some creative time working with colors and coloring. For those of us who lack artistic skill in drawing, it can be fun to color in some of the really interesting forms available! (Yes: I’m a coloring fan!!)

If you have priced out the coloring books, you know they can be pretty expensive. And if you want to have an educational or artistic experience for patrons, that would be even more expensive! Fortunately we have a huge list of all kinds of free coloring books, from all types of educational and artistic organizations!

You will find things to start a variety of different programs in your library. And if you find a few to color yourself on your lunch break – we support you in that!!