Interested in an ACRL virtual focus group??

CMLE members: we are passing on some info on recent ACRL materials, and a chance for you to participate in a focus group to help them better serve you and your professional needs!

Dear Colleagues,

At its Fall Board Meeting on October 23, 2015, the ACRL Board of Directors approved the ACRL Libraries Transform Task Force to support the new ALA advocacy campaign and was charged to develop messages and resources that will address the needs of academic and research libraries using the new ALA campaign, Libraries Transform.

In Fall of 2016, the committee conducted a survey where we asked participants to share their thoughts about the campaign as well as what ACRL can do to better support marketing efforts in academic libraries. Results indicate that there should be a stronger focus on all types of academic libraries, more assistance with targeted messages to different audiences, and assistance in spreading awareness about research support, instruction, and information literacy. When asked about preferred format, the overwhelming majority of participants indicated they would prefer toolkit-type materials they can adapt for their own institutions.

Following those results, we would like to obtain more in-depth information about what a toolkit should comprise as well as feedback regarding format and dissemination. If you are interested in participating in a short virtual focus group, please email Cinthya Ippoliti at and we will get back to you to schedule a session, most likely in March.

Thank you advance for your help and your time,

ACRL Libraries Transform Committee

Cinthya Ippoliti
Associate Dean for Research and Learning Services
Oklahoma State University|OSU Library
Phone: 405-744-5271