Notable Date to Celebrate: Tell a Fairy Tale Day is Feb. 26th!

You probably already know that at CMLE, we offer a service called “Notable Dates for your Noggin” which feature special holidays and birthdays of authors, as well as publications of well-known books. In an effort to help you get more from this service, we’ve decided to select one “Notable Date” each month to feature. We will include a few fun programming and activity ideas too, all for you to use!

Celebrate Tell a Fairy Tale Day!

Feb. 26th is Tell a Fairy Tale Day!

You can celebrate by reading from the classic fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen or the Brothers Grimm, but why not get a little more creative?

This article from Grammarly has six awesome ideas for celebrating the day (their first suggestion is visit your local library, so you know they are on the right track). From making fairy tale dice to crafting fairy tale snacks, this article will definitely help you get in touch with your creative side!

For a modern twist on fairy tales, you could order this cool kit from Teachers Pay Teachers, which incorporates the tales into STEM activities, so students can learn while enjoying familiar stories and characters!

Get everyone involved by creating a collaborative fairy tale. This article has a cute example about making up a fairy tale during a walk in the woods.

Watch out for that poisoned apple!

And who doesn’t love quizzes? Take this one from Playbuzz to tell which fairy tale you belong in, and or this one from Buzzfeed. (I got The Three Little Pigs and Snow White, if you’re curious!)

Will you make programs or displays in your library for Tell a Fairy Tale Day? We’d love to hear about it!