AASL Recommended Apps: STEM: The Everything Machine

everything_machineIn June 2016, the American Association of School Librarians (AASL) announced their 25 Best Apps for Teaching and Learning. The apps encourage qualities such as innovation and active participation, and are user-friendly.

The Everything Machine is an app that allows young students to explore coding concepts by programming the different sensors on their device. Creations include a light switch and a color-sensing musical instrument. Students can use the camera, speaker, mic, and more to incorporate into their inventions. The app allows multiple users and features built-in tutorials.

Check out this article from Wired that features a conversation with the founder of The Everything Machine, Raul Gutierrez, about how his son helped him come up with the idea for the app. Common Sense Education has a review of the app, which includes information on how well it works in a classroom environment.

Cost: $2.99
Level: Elementary
Platforms: iOS

Watch their video here: