Cool ways to display your books

Bookshelves are awesome!

Library people love books, and they usually tend to own quite a few. Keeping these books organized can present challenges, especially if you own a lot of them.

This article from Buzzfeed has some really unique, yet totally do-able ideas for organizing and displaying your books. Check it out and discover:

  • using an old ladder as a shelf and wall decoration
  • incorporating plants into your bookshelves
  • using rope lights to highlight your collection

Follow the hashtag #bookshelf on Instagram for more pretty inspiration, or check out this article that features 15 Instagram accounts especially for book lovers.

And of course, Pinterest has a wealth of bookshelf ideas to enjoy. Just be warned – you could spend a lot of time perusing all the shelving options!

Orville watches over some of the books and plants here at CMLE Headquarters. Do you have your books or bookshelves organized in an interesting display? Send us a picture!


2 thoughts on “Cool ways to display your books”

  1. When I had my first apartment and little furniture or bookshelves, I lined up all my books along the walls for a low border effect. It was functional for the space I had at the time.

    1. That’s such a good idea! Books a great for decorating an area, and their flexibility in design procedures makes them so handy. (And of course, they are fun to read too!)

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