Another book stumper!

We had such a good response to the last call for help in identifying a book, that I’m sending this one out to the CMLE community to see if you can help another library person!

“I have a patron who is looking for a children’s chapter book, published in the ’60s or earlier. It featured a homeless family that broke into and lived in a vacation home during the winter. A thread throughout the plot was the pancakes they cooked. The pancake recipe was an old family recipe, and at the end of the book, the pancakes won a contest and earned the family prize money. Thank you for your help!”

If you have ideas, send them in and we will pass them on to the librarian.

Do you have any book stumpers? Send them in, and let’s put the CMLE team of library people to work for you too!


4 thoughts on “Another book stumper!”

  1. I think that’s the title they’re looking for. Pop enters Grandma Sparke’s pancake recipe in the Silver Seal Flour contest

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