Have you met CORA yet?


“Loyola Marymount University is pleased to announce the launch of CORA, the Community of Online Research Assignments. Pay a visit to CORA here: http://www.projectcora.org/ .

CORA is on online, open access repository of research and information literacy assignments. All assignments contributed to
the collection are released under an intellectual property license that permits their free use and re-purposing by other educators, allowing the assignments to be enhanced by user feedback.

Assignments are searchable by discipline, information literacy concept, ability level, or keyword. There is also a “Teaching Toolkit” section with the following resource types: Pedagogy/Learning Theory, Assessment, Blog, Classroom Activity, Technology Tip, Subject Guide/Research Guide, Citation Tool, Info Lit Tutorial, and Syllabus. The development of CORA was funded by a SCELC Project Initiatives Fund grant. We welcome your contributions to this virtual community of practice! We especially welcome assignments related to source evaluation and fake news.

Susan Gardner Archambault, Head of Reference & Instruction | William H. Hannon Library | Loyola Marymount University |