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Dear Colleagues,

The RSS Marketing and Public Relations for Reference Services Committee needs your help! Last semester we conducted a survey where we asked participants to share their thoughts about their challenges in marketing reference services. Results indicate most libraries struggle to communicate the impact of their reference services and need more assistance in doing targeted marketing a well as reaching new populations. When asked about preferred format, the overwhelming majority of participants indicated they would prefer toolkit-type materials they can adapt for their own institutions and we are in the process of developing a prototype utilizing a Google Folders approach in order to keep things as simple and streamlined as possible and ensure ease of updating.

Following those results, we would like to obtain more in-depth information about what a toolkit should comprise as well as feedback regarding format and dissemination. We would like to work with no more than 5-10 volunteers to assist us in beta testing our proposed toolkit format and submission processes. If you are interested in participating, please email me at cinthya.ippoliti@okstate.edu by March 10th. We anticipate the time commitment to be minimal-we will probably hold a virtual meeting with participants and just have regular check-ins via email after that. The committee would like to send out the CFP by mid/late April so that we can collect materials before the committee cycles to a new chair and membership.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Jennifer Friedman, Douglas Hasty, Cinthya Ippoliti, Daniel Liestman, Kate Oberg, Liz Settoducato, Karen Vargas, Nicole Webber

Cinthya Ippoliti

Associate Dean for Research and Learning Services

Oklahoma State University|OSU Library

E-mail: cinthya.ippoliti@okstate.edu

Phone: 405-744-5271