Want to give back? Volunteer with RUSA!

The RUSA Reference Services Section is looking for committee volunteers.  Members of RSS committees participate in a range of virtual and in-person activities.  These include:

  • Organizing programs
  • Hosting discussion forums
  • Writing and maintaining RUSA Guidelines and Professional Resources that help libraries nationally
  • Developing tutorials, compiling indexes, and writing articles

If you are interested in joining a committee, complete the RUSA Volunteer Form and select RSS at the very bottom of the application.  You may also contact me, the RSS vice-chair, directly.

If you are presently on an RSS committee and your term ends in 2017, please also complete a volunteer form.  Maybe you want to be reappointed to the same committee or you would like to volunteer for a different committee.  If so, you can indicate that on your volunteer form, or, again, you can contact me, the vice-chair.

RSS is dedicated to providing value to its members, including virtual participation.  This allows the flexibility to be active in a national professional organization without the financial commitment to travel to multiple conferences. RSS committees regularly meet online and only meet once face-to-face each year at the ALA Annual Conference.

Please consider volunteering to take an active role in RUSA/RSS.  It truly is rewarding.

Thank you,


Rebecca Jackson, Associate Professor

Vice-Chair/Chair Elect, RUSA Reference Services Section

Head, Social Sciences & Humanities Dept.

Iowa State University Library