Get information on libraries: Listserves

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Subscribing to listservs is an easy way to keep up with news from around the profession. It’s always valuable to have a variety of information from people who do what you do, and who talk about things that might be useful in your library!

There are literally dozens of listserves focused on your professional interests, filled with ideas for making your skills stronger and to improve the services you can offer to your community.

Check out these listserves, from the LibraryScience.Org website:

  • AASL/ACRL INFOLIT (cross-disciplinary discussion list for public, school, and academic librarians to exchange ideas on information literacy)
  • AcqNet (concerning library acquisitions)
  • ALA (American Library Association)
  • ASIS&T (Association for Information Science & Technology)
  • AUTOCAT (international list devoted to cataloging and authority control)
  • Child_Lit (general discussion concerning children’s literature)
  • ILI-L (Information Literacy Instruction)
  • IFLA (International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions)
  • ILL-L (Interlibrary Loan Listserv)
  • Metadatalibrarians
  • MLA (Medical Library Association)
  • PLA (Public Library Association)
  • PubLib (for public librarianship)
  • PUBYAC (Children & Young Adult Services in Public Libraries)
  • RUSA (Reference and User Services Association)
  • Society of American Archivists 
  • SLA (Special Libraries Association)