Women’s History Month poetry, short stories, and music on Spotify

Spotify is great for listening to music and making playlists, and they’ve really done a great job to help celebrate Women’s History Month!

Thanks to this article from Book Riot, I discovered that Spotify has compiled a few really neat playlists: Poetry (read by the authors), Women’s Lit (classic short stories), Women of Latin Music, a playlist of women composers, plus a ton more! Get more detail from the article here, or just find the “Women’s History Month” category on Spotify. As someone that probably wouldn’t pickup a book of poetry, or listen to women K-Pop stars, these playlists make it easy to try new genres and recognize the talented women that created them!

You do need to setup a Spotify account to access the playlists, but it’s free and portable (if you download the app).

Happy listening!






Spotify Rounds Up Audiobooks, Poetry and Short Stories for Women’s History Month