CMLE Travel Bug Lands in a Member Location!

If you have been following the adventures of the CMLE travel bugs, you have noticed they have been quiet over the winter. Less hiking and exploring in the cold weather means less hunting for geocaches. But Spring is here (technically!), and our travel bugs are eager to get moving on their adventures!

This is the travel bug Library Fan #1, dropped into its first cache! As you can see in the photos, this is a very cool cache – big enough to hold some fun things, not too hard to find, and subtle enough that it blended into the scenery very nicely.

The cache is “Milo and Chevy’s Excellent Adventure!” hidden 2/26/2016 by Pink candy, Babeonbon. ” Milo and Chevy are our two fur babies. If they were dogs, they’d probably love taking walks when we’re out caching, but they’re both too lazy.

Milo was born in April of 2003, and is the “grumpy old man”. He specializes in sleeping the entire day, eating too much, and in general being a lazy old man. Chevy was born in January of 2014, and is a “fuzzball”. His specialties include getting into shenanigans and attempting to get the old man to play with him. Someday he will catch the red dot.

The cache is located in Heritage Park; it is just off of the pathway. Be sure to find the other caches while you’re here. There is a pen in the cache, but it is wise to BYOP just in case. Sign the LOG, stay awhile. Take a gander at the pond nearby. Just make sure you don’t trip over the LOG. You shouldn’t do any heavy lifting, but if you do, replace the cache as found.”

Not only was this a fun cache to find (check out the trails here – lots of fun hiking – and I got to pat two dogs who were also out with their people!), but this near a CMLE member: the Stearns History Museum!

Support your system members, and have a wonderful day for yourself, by visiting Heritage Park and the Stearns History Museum! And if you happen to find this geocache – move our travel bug along to some other fun location.

Are you interested in geocaching? Check out some of our other resources, and the official website for cachers! Libraries are natural geocaching locations, and an increasing number of libraries are loaning out GPS devices to patrons. If you listened to our podcast #2 on library materials, or #4 on library programs, you already know about some of the interesting things libraries collect to share with their communities. Geocaching could be a fun thing for you to explore!

Tell us about your adventures!