Library Advocacy: It’s all about you!
Don’t be a potato – remember you are a library professional and speak up for libraries everywhere!

CMLE members, and all library people out there – we need your voice, and we need it now!! We are sharing some advocacy tips from the Association for Library Services for Children (ALSC) and from the Joint Committee on Libraries, Archives, and Museums (CALM), so you hear different library voices asking you to join with us!

Let your federal, and your state, legislators know how important libraries are!! YOU are the best ones to give advice – so do not hesitate! Email! Call! Write! Visit!! Do it now!!

ALSC advocates,

If you feel like you’ve been hearing from us a lot in the last week, there is a reason.  There is a deadline!
Library champions in the House have begun circulating two “Dear Appropriator” letters to preserve federal library funding in the LSTA and IAL.  The more members of Congress who sign on to these letters before April 3, the better chance these critical programs will not be cut.
House representatives are hearing from constituents on so many important issues right now.  But who will speak for libraries?  It is critically important that representatives hear from as many constituents as possible, this week, that federal library funding is vital to healthy communities.
If you have not yet persuaded at least 5 friends or family to not only send their own letters, but to spread the word to their own friends, please do so now.   It takes only a few minutes, at
Thanks to my mom, my aunt, my neighbor, who have already copied me on their own calls to action. It wasn’t a hard ask: they all love their libraries.  You know at least 5 people who will are ready to fight for their libraries.  Please talk to them today.


The ALA/SAA/AAM Joint Committee on Libraries, Archives, and Museums (CALM) encourages you to voice your support for the funding agencies that support Libraries, Archives, and Museums!

Here are several actions to take right now to support IMLSfrom the American Library Association’s (ALA) District Dispatch

Organization press releases regarding President’s proposed budget and advocacy webpages:

Don’t forget, Library Legislative Day is May 1-2 and it’s more important than ever! Learn more here.