CMLE is on the air!

You probably listen to a few podcasts already, or at least know about some of the biggies out there in the podcast world.  We have talked about library people who podcast, and podcasts you can use for workplace stress management. It’s a great way to share information – something we take very seriously here at CMLE Headquarters.

So we have begun our own podcast!

Our podcast is called Linking Our Libraries, in recognition of the work we do as a multitype system in linking our libraries to each other, to all sorts of information, and to us.

Each week we talk about a topic relevant to our libraries, and share stories about libraries doing our topic in interesting ways. We have a spotlight library to share – one that is doing a lot of neat things that we know you will want to explore. And, of course being library people – we also share the books we are reading!

We have talked about outreach, interesting materials libraries collect, programming, and makerspaces. Coming up on our calendar, we will be sharing information on library digitization projects, art in libraries, partnerships, book genres and reader’s advisory, writing grants – and a lot more! If you have a topic you want us to explore, leave it in the comments and we will add it to our schedule.

How do you listen to us? We make it easy!

  • go to our website, and just listen on your computer
  • if you use iTunes, just search for Linking Our Libraries and follow us there; this will automatically put each new episode onto your phone
  • if you use the Pocket Casts app, also just search for Linking Our Libraries, and you will find us there; follow us, and each new episode will automatically appear on your list
  • if you use Stitcher, you can search for our name; or use their link
  • there are a lot of different podcast apps out there, so for yours you can either search our name, or just add in our RSS feed when you search for us:

With any of these, you will see our logo (also at the top of this article!) – and should recognize our office mascot: Orville. He’s a traveling bear now, visiting not only our podcasts but also member libraries.

This is just another tool we are using here at HQ to connect with our members – and with library people all over the place! Our mission is to support our libraries; and talking about all the great things libraries are doing is a fun way to accomplish that!