Raspberry Pi activities

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
A listserve discussion was asking about different programs or activities people are doing in their libraries using Raspberry Pi devices. We are sharing them with you here:

  • We are using Pi mostly with a camera for Social Media campaigns.  Our IT department uses them to monitor wireless networks.
  • A few weeks ago we deployed Screenly open source. It’s been working great. We were displaying PowerPoint from a laptop and moved to this. PowerPoint can save as MP4, which we then load to the Pi.
  • We use OSMC​ (Kodi Linux based media player OS) for signage instead of Screenly because it’s free and has a Dropbox plugin.
  • We use them for our PACs with WGCBrowser as a kiosk browser. And we have one that scrapes router logs to create wifi usage statistics.
  • We use Raspberry Pi 3 with a homegrown application to run digital signage. It uses Python and shell scripts. We also use OctoPrint on Raspberry Pi with Logitech camera to monitor 3D printing.
  • We developed an exhibit using Arduino based boards, illuminated manuscripts, and 3D printed objects.
  • If people weren’t aware, over at Measure the Future we’re using RPi’s + webcams to do “attention measurement” of library spaces, capturing movement and turning it into stats and visualizations for use in analyzing space. We originally prototyped using the Intel Edison as our platform, but they turned out to be not quite beefy enough for our computer vision needs.