New Minnesota Public Library Trustee Handbook available!

The Minnesota State Library Services has distributed copies of the new Public Library Trustee handbook. Check it out, read through it, and be sure you are sharing it with your trustees. All library people work with some sort of board; and though this one is aimed at public libraries, you can still get some good insights from this booklet.

State Library Services has updated the Minnesota Public Library Trustee Handbook. This revised edition includes updated content from the prior handbook as well as the Library Trustee Manual template published by the Chief Officers of State Library Agencies (COSLA) in 2016. The handbook is meant to be a useful resource for library trustees. It informs trustees about Minnesota’s public library environment and governance structure, and helps them understand their roles and responsibilities as library stewards. Its purpose is to give trustees a broad view of their duties and responsibilities.

Special thanks to Karen Pundsack, Executive Director, Great River Regional Library, and Audrey Betcher, Director, Rochester Public Library, for their insightful editing and content contributions.

If you have questions or feedback about the handbook, please contact Joe Manion (651-582-8640).”

Be sure you thank your trustees for the time and effort they put in to help your library  – we all appreciate their work!