Reminder: CMLE Library Snapshot Day Will Be April 27

Snapshot Day Library Snapshot Day provides a way for libraries of all types across a state, region, system or community to show what happens in a single day in their libraries. How many books are checked out? How many people receive help finding a job? Doing their taxes? Doing their homework? This initiative provides an easy means to collect statistics, photos and stories that will enable library advocates to prove the value of their libraries to decision-makers and increase public awareness.”

On this day, we want all our libraries (and anyone else – we love all libraries!) to take a few photos during the day, to show the work you do. It does not need to be anything especially exciting, or fancy-looking; just show the work that library people are doing.

We have a web page set up to post your photos you send to us; they can be shared with your stakeholders, funders, and anyone else who needs to learn more about the value of libraries!

We will be in contact with some of you to set up a few minutes for us to pop in and visit your library so we can get a few more photos!

Although the national program is for photos, we also have a YouTube channel set up, and would love (LOVE!) to also receive your videos! You can interview each other, your staff, or just take us on a short video tour of your library. Perfection is not required – we just want to see a lot of representation of the diversity of tasks we are doing every day in CMLE libraries!

(Know this is a flexible program; if you want to take some photos and videos anytime during that week, we will happily take them!)

We will provide more information to you as we get closer to this exciting CMLE-based holiday. For now, just add April 27 to your calendar, look for your camera and get ready to take photos and videos to share with us all!!

Let’s see CMLE at work!