Young Adult Nonfiction Display

Shelves of Language Books in LibraryPassing this on, to get your suggestions!

“I am working on a presentation at the end of April on boosting our youth NF collection and want to see what everyone is doing out there. The more we can share, the merrier!
So far, I have seen/heard/done:
  • Grouping NF in larger non-dewey order using BISAC or METIS
  • Combining non-fiction and picture books together under broad categories
  • Simplifying NF by radically shortening Dewey numbers and creatively replacing Cutter # (so all football books become 796 F; all baseball books become 796 B)
  • Lots of face-out displays in or on top of shelves
  • Creating “book bundles” with 2-4 related NF books inc. bios and poetry and/or mixed bundles of NF and fiction
  • Include in “blind date with a book” and “mystery read” packs
  • Include NF in all grade specific booklists
  • Include NF in booktalks at school
  • Include NF in book collections sent out to schools, day care sites and etc
  • Display NF books in all STEM/STEAM programming
  • Include NF in any passive programs or room scavenger hunts
What else do you have?
I will share results on the Tiny Tips blog in May!
TIA, Marge”