We’re Having a Postcard Party in the Gardens!

Clemens Gardens

We love libraries! (You know that already)

And we want everyone else to hear about all the great things libraries do!

Advocacy for your library is more than just emailing legislators when budget time comes around (though, it is also that – so please email your legislators to tell them libraries are important!). It means making connections with stakeholders, and letting people know on a regular basis about the great things you are doing. (Check out the Minnesota Loves Libraries site for some great ideas!)

We are here to support our members, so we are holding a postcard party! (Okay, and we are getting spring fever and want to go spend some time in a beautiful, riverside garden!)

We will meet as a group in the Munsinger Clemens Garden (exact location will be decided as we get closer to the big day), chat, have lunch/snacks, and enjoy the scenery. And we will provide postcards for you to use to address to your legislators, your stakeholders, and any other people who need to hear some news from your library!

This fun event will be scheduled for the week of May 15; and we want you to vote on the date that will work out best for you. This will be a drop-in/drop-out event, with people coming and going as fits into your schedule. CMLE staff will be there from 11:00 to 1:00 on the designated day. (If there is a crowd, we will stay to be sure everyone gets a chance to get your postcards!)

Right now we are thinking about this as a lunchtime event; but if an evening event (in addition to this) would work better for your schedule, please let us know.

Come out, join us in having fun, enjoying the sunshine, flowers, and river, and making some good connections with people in your community!