Get excited: CMLE Library Snapshot Day is next week!

Next Thursday, April 27th is CMLE Library Snapshot Day! CMLE is excited to share pictures of our members and the work they are doing in their libraries!

Wondering what Library Snapshot Day is all about? From ALA:
“Holding a library snapshot day is a simple way to prove that libraries provide invaluable services to our communities.”

On this day, we want all our libraries (and anyone else – we love all libraries!) to take a few photos during the day, to show the work you do. It does not need to be anything especially exciting, or fancy-looking; just show the work that library people are doing.

Then, we will upload all the photos to our web page for easy access and sharing with stakeholders, library fans, or anyone that needs a reminder how important libraries are to their communities! (We also have a YouTube channel and would love to post your videos!)

Use the hashtag #CMLEPhotos on your social media accounts, to share them around with everyone!

We will be in contact with some of you to set up a few minutes for us to pop in and visit your library so we can get a few more photos!

Read more about Library Snapshot Day on ALA’s site.