Stumper: book about an African Gray Parrot

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CMLE people – I found another library person asking for help identifying a book a patron is seeking. As you guys have collectively been good at finding these books in the past, I’m posting this here for you. If you know it, you can post it to the comments, or send me an email!

“I hope it’s OK to post stumpers to this listserv – if there’s a better place, please let me know!

Patron is trying to track down a children’s book they read to their kids in the ’80s.
The title is [Boy’s Name] Gray, where [Boy’s name] is a two-syllable name and Gray refers to his African Gray Parrot.
It’s ringing zero bells in my head, and searches in Books in Print & Amazon didn’t pull anything up. Thought I’d see if one of you clever people may recall the book or have A Level sleuthing skills and can track it down.
Thanks in advance!”